Fairy Bridal Choker, Tattered Linen Wedding Necklace

Fairy Bridal Choker, Tattered Linen Wedding Necklace


Soft fairy bridal choker, a tattered linen wedding necklace for adding a touch of whimsy to your wedding outfit. Handmade romantic rustic choker is perfect for a bit of sass for a secretly non-conformist bride. 

Tattered white linen choker upcycled and bias cut to add drapey-ness. Raw cut with stitching to hold the fray back. Soft cream satin and lace details with bits of ecru and buttercream cotton and nylon. Ties in back with a longish tail. All trim raw cut. Soft, supple linen can be worn close to the neck, choker style or looser for a scoop necklace look. 

Approximately 35.5"(90cm) long and 2.5-3"(6-7.5cm) wide. Asymmetrical with an angle bit. 

Care: Dry cleaning preferred. May be steamed or ironed, avoiding the trim. Raw cut edges may be trimmed to neaten. 

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