Questions I Hear....

~~~Do you make custom designs ? 

I do custom gowns etc. by request when my schedule allows or I may customize an already created design of my own. I do not duplicate other designer's work. 

I only make things in my own 'voice' or style. If you like the style of my gowns, I'd love to create something especially for you. 

You can use the contact form to let me know what you are interested in or to request custom work. You can also email me at cynna@wispychic.com. 

~~~Are your items handmade ? 

Yes ! I am the only person creating my gowns and fashion. I design, source materials, sew, photograph, list and package things for shipping by myself. I use a sewing machine and serger as well as hand stitching. I work in a tiny home studio in Florida. I use a serger, sewing machine and hand sewing. I start from a variety of materials, vintage and upcycled textiles and new fabric and trim.

~~~Who makes the gowns ? 

Cynna (Cynthia Davis) designs and makes all the gowns. I'm the only person involved. 

Seller Information: 
Cynthia Davis
Near Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

---What is an indie designer ? 
An indie designer is an independent designer who designs outside the mainstream fashion houses and is often a single individual doing all the tasks, or a tiny group of 2-5 working for the designer who share the different pieces of the business. It can also refer to a style which is more influenced by music, the arts, urban chic and bohemian styles. I am an indie designer with no staff but me.

~~~Where are the gowns made and shipped from ? 
*All Wispy Chic gowns are created in the south Florida USA area in my home studio (near Ft Lauderdale) and shipped from my local Post Office or USPS office. 

~~~Do you sell on other sites ? 

Sometimes I sell on venues. I also sell casual fashion on an ever changing list of sites that I try out to see which works best. You can find an updated list on my blog or contact me for links using the contact page. 

~~~What about allergies with fabrics ? 

I use locally sourced fabrics and supplies, create from existing garments and use new, upcycled and vintage fabric in my designs. I note in the description the upcycled components. I have allergies and make rigorous washing and drying and repeating that process a regular part of using upcycled fabrics and garments. I don't work on it until I'm sure it is as clean and as free of fragrance as possible. If I can't get it clean, I don't use it. 

~~~Do you make Plus size gowns ? 

I usually have a handful of these on the site, but if you need a special size, send me a message via the contact form with your size and what you are looking for. If I don't have it, I can create it. 

~~~I like your style, but want something simpler. Any way you can do that ? 

Yes. Let me know what you are looking for. I can create something more along that line. 

~~~Do you take credit cards ? 

Yes. I use Paypal and Stripe Payments for credit card processors. I also invoice by email for custom orders. I take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay and sometimes others.